Immanuel Lutheran

Preschool & Childcare

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Quotes Immanuel Lutheran is highly recommended. The staff has provided both of my children a warm learning setting for the past 6 years. My children have learned life, learning and discipline skills necessary to thrive in school. I have been pleased with the love, kindness and quality of care that the children are given. Quotes
Carrie Lawson

Quotes We love Immanuel Lutheran! It's a wonderful center with a kid friendly curriculum set up to teach and encourage the children with their growth and development. We also love that this is a Christian institution, providing the children with weekly devotions and Bible stories. All of the classes are wonderful and they have an outstanding Pre-K program! We highly recommend to anyone! Thank you Immanuel Lutheran for all you do!! Quotes
Bre Santiago

Quotes The transition from in-home daycare to a daycare can be scary for a new parent. I enrolled my daughter at 6 months of age & from day 1. I have always felt I made the best choice! The staff is kind, caring and friendly. My daughter has already learned so much. We <3 Immanuel Lutheran!! Quotes
Dana Cage

Quotes Immanuel Lutheran provides excellent childcare. I have had three children attend Immanuel Lutheran and I have always been extremely satisfied. They take the time to really get to know each child and make a connection with them. The staff is very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Quotes
Candace Collins

Quotes Immanuel Lutheran is an amazing daycare. I recommend it to everyone! Staff is amazing. I love all the crafts! My children love coming everyday!!! Quotes
Carissa Garber

Quotes Immanuel Preschool has serviced two of my children. They have a great program that has nurtured my children's strengths, redirected their weaknesses and prepared them for the structure of Kindergarten! Thank you Immanuel for your wonderful service! Quotes
Mandy Trask

Quotes Both of my daughters have attended Immanuel Lutheran Childcare and the teachers and faculty have been amazing! Watching my children grow socially, academically and spiritually has been a joy. My oldest is in school now and I have been told by two teachers that they could tell she attended Immanuel Lutheran by how well prepared she was coming into school. What a wonderful compliment to the staff!!!! Quotes
Monica Hankins

Quotes Myself, like any young mother, was worried about putting my son in daycare. When he was just two, we tried a different daycare. That was a huge mistake! We had many problems at that facility, including abuse. After that, of course, I was terrified to ever put him in daycare again, and he ws terrified as well. It wasn't until he was four when we started considering daycare as an option again. I have a friend that used to work at Immanuel Lutehran Childcare, and her daughter currently attends the daycare. I asked her questions all the time because she always recommended this facility, and said nothing but good things about it. Finally I decided to take my son to tour the daycare. Everyone was extremely nice, the children all had smiles on their faces, the teachers made sure everyone was learning and enjoying themselves. The most important thing to me was that my son didn't want to leave. He was happy and I knew that moment that this was the right place for him. Quotes
Tonja Grafton

Quotes My son has been attending Immanuel Lutheran Childcare for five months now and he loves it!! Every day he is so excited to tell me what he learned for the day, a new song, or a craft taht he did. My son is a whole new child now. I appreciate everything the staff and teachers do everyday and I would only recommend Immanuel Lutheran Childcare as the BEST. Quotes
Tonja Grafton

Quotes Thank you for taking such good care of Karmine. He has learned alot about being kind to others and lots of songs about prayer. You work on taking care of the individual child. So many childcare centers just put as many kids as they can in a room to get more money and don't really care or help the child with special needs. Immanuel Lutheran Preschool helps the child's special needs. Quotes
JoAnn Hoppmann